The law firm of Yossi Cohen has been specializing in commercial law, corporate law and litigation for over 26 years. The law firm, founded in 1986, is one of the country's most prestigious law firms in its field.

The firm employs 20 lawyers, 3 interns and a skilled administrative staff that provides legal services in both Hebrew and English. The irm covers all facets of civil-commercial law, including dissolutions, staying proceedings and creditor arrangements, receiverships, cquisition of companies, international transactions, mergers and acquisitions.

Dr. Yossi Cohen

Born in 1949, LL.B (1986) and LL.M (1992) from the Tel Aviv University, Ph.D (2004) from Newport University in the U.S.A. In addition to his work in the firm, Dr. Cohen serves as head of the Israel Press Council and has been lecturing for over 20 years on company law, before various forums.

Dr. Cohen is the author of 4 law books:

עו"ד יוסי כהן
  •      Law Volume A: Basic Principles of Corporate Law in Israel, 1988
  •      Corporate Law Volume A: Revised Version, 2006
  •      Corporate Law Volume B: Company Management
  •      Corporate Law Volume C: Receivership, Liquidation, Creditor Arrangements, tay of Proceedings

Areas of Expertise

  •     Receivership / dissolution of companies and partnerships
  •     Staying proceedings
  •     Creditor arrangements
  •     Discrimination suits
  •     Financial and bank lawsuits
  •     Commercial litigation – including various forms of arbitration
  •     Providing expert opinions in companies law
  •     Tort, labor laws, arbitration, contracts, execution, banks, real estate and insurance
  •     International transactions
  •     Real estate and other international transactions, particularly in Eastern Europe
  •     High Court of Justice motions

Work Method

As the firm specializes in civil cases, its attorneys specialize in specific areas of this field. Each client is directed to an expert in the relevant area, with the service provided under the supervision of the head of the division. The firm is structured to be able to provide quick and effective solutions where such is required, including working 24/7 whenever necessary.


The firm represents private, institutional and public clients, including government ministers, municipalities, newspapers, insurance companies, financial institutions, industrial companies, real estate companies and many private clients, both in Israel and throughout the world.

The firm also provides consulting and legal opinions for lawyers in the areas of corporate law, including providing routine support of cases in this field. Many of the firm's clients are attorneys who receive ongoing consulting on cases on behalf of their clients.

Among the firm's regular clients are:

  •     Israel Land Development Group
  •     Elektra – Mashany Hashmal
  •     The New Tel Aviv BusTerminal Co. Ltd.
  •     Globus Group
  •     Bonay Habira Building and Investments Ltd.
  •     Club Hotel Group
  •     Mordechai Yona
  •     Jacques Coba Ltd.
  •     Landmark Education (The Middle East) Ltd.
  •     Hadera Municipality
  •     Be'er Sheva Municipality
  •     Hangar 11
  •     Lottocard Ltd.
  •     Totocard Ltd.
  •     Sarig Brothers
  •     Sham-Mayim
  •     Giltek Telecommunications Ltd.
  •     Crocker International Ltd.
  •     Ilan Fibko
  •     Aki Avni
  •     Sendy Bar
  •     Nanssi Brandes
  •     Svika Pick
  •     Ze'ev Nechama

The office received 4th place, the second year in a row, in the field of receivership and liquidations by Dun & Bradstreet, which ranks the leading law firms in Israel.